Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No, I'm not dead - I just turned 22.

So I've been missing for a while. :)
These past few weeks have been ca-raaa-zyy.
The day I was returning home from Fargo, I found out from a friend that we got our clinical acceptance/denied letters from school.  I immediately called my neighbor, Kevin, and had him go check my mail.  Kevin, of course, is a prankster so he waited about 2 minutes (if felt like 20) to respond "yes" or "no" - he even hit me with a "can you just read it?!" before he sent me this beauty..
I couldn't possibly be more excited! 
All my hard work has finally paid off!


This past weekend, two of my really good friends got married :)
They have been together since she was a freshman in high school [she is now 21].
The reception was BEAUTIFUL. 
Everything was old fashioned.  The waiters looked like they stepped out of "The Notebook."
Similar to the boys in this picture!
{they all had the hats on - some wore suspenders - while others wore vests}

When you walked in, they had someone handing out freshly made cotton candy.
Their favors were miniature pies in all different flavors, and little brown bags of popcorn.
Very old fashioned carnival feel. 
All the floral arrangements were in tin washtubs or big brown barrels.  
Lights were strung from the ceiling and they had an old fashioned bicycle set up to take pictures on.  By the bicycle they had a chest of hats and dress up items (boas, hats, flags, etc). 
Some of the guys dressed up :)

The beautiful bride & handsome groom.

just dancing :)

The reception was a blast! Scott had a little too much fun, and instead of bringing home one of the miniature pies as a favor, he decided to bring home the biggest pie...
I found this is my fridge the next morning..
.. yes he had eaten 98% of the crust at the wedding.
Good night.


Monday rolled around and I turned the big 22.
Scary, but it sure as hell beats the alternative!
Scott took me to dinner and a movie the night before my birthday to celebrate.
He hates movies, so it was a big deal.
Oh, and that picture? It's just us being gangstaaaaaaa ;)

On my actual birthday, Scott and I went to dinner with my family.  

my grandpa's response to my cupcake: "What are you? One?" haha <3

the woman that gave me this life :) God blessed me greatly when he gave her to me!

Scott and I then met my dad at Chili's for some drinks.  
What's a birthday without margaritas?!
 ... It's not one, in my opinion.

Tomorrow night, we are going out with our friends to celebrate just oneeee more time! I can't wait! 

Hope you all have an amazing week! :)