About Moi

My name is Macy.  I'm a 20 something nursing student trying to make it on my own.  I recently moved into my own house, so I am in the process of making it feel like a home.  I adore my family & friends.  I'm the mom to a little Maltipoo, Ace; he has my heart.  I love margaritas, wine & sassy wine glasses.  I quote movies like it's my job.  I get extremely hyper at night time right before bed-I'm like a toddler.  Candy and sweets are my weakness; I always have a stash in my purse.  I would do anything for my friends & the ones I love.  I trust too easily & I wear my heart on my sleeve.  However, in no way am I naive.  

I hate being alone.  I'd rather spend time with the ones I love.  I'm a sucker for quotes and music lyrics.  I tend to be quiet in large groups.  I absolutely love to travel because I get restless.  I hate routine & when life becomes predictable.  I love road trips.  I'm extremelyyy indecisive & tend to be the "paranoid, cautious friend."  I'm an english & grammar freak.  Seriously, bad grammar drives me bonkers.

I LOVE surprises & hate when people ruin them.  I absolutely hate first impressions; too much pressure.  I'm OBSESSED with cooking & food network.  I appreciate a person with an amazing sense of humor.  
I have fun, & am very content with who I've become & where I'm going.