Monday, June 27, 2011

I Confess..

I decided to link up with Carissa for a confessional -- if you haven't done it yet, you should!

I confess.. I had jambalaya for breakfast.. welcome to Louisiana.

 I confess.. I haven't washed my hair in two days. Don't judge.. I had 2 days off work & lounged around. [I would put a pic.. but trust me, you don't want to see this mess]

I confess.. I have an addiction to Iced Caramel Macchiatos.. double shot.. low fat milk.. :)

I confess.. I absolutely fell in love with bull riding the other night at the PBR Rodeo. 
I honestly wouldn't mind going more often. <3

I confess.. that I am in major need of a vacation. Preferably on a beach .. chair in the sand.. and a cold piƱa colada in my hand.. 

I confess.. that I cried like a baby during an episode of Lockup on MSNBC the other night.. Scott made fun of me.
yepp, this was me the other night.

I confess.. that due to my ebay obsession, I currently have $20.70 in my bank account
Thank god I get paid on Wednesday.

I confess.. that I spotted some girls I went to high school with the other night when I was out.
I definitely did the -duck, dodge, hide me- move.  
Sorry, I'm awkward and hate small talk.. especially when you haven't seen/spoken to that person in 4 years.

I confess.. I woke up to a box in my mailbox with a few of my make-up purchases from ebay...
Seriously, it made my morning & I miiiight have done a happy dance :)

I confess.. that I stumbled upon this little website, earlier & I AM OBSESSED!! They have MAC shadows for $11.99, Lipfusion glosses for $14.99, Smashbox shadows for $4.99. Seriously, I'm in heaven! 

I confess.. I am a freak about coasters when people use my dining room table.
That is the one thing I am a stickler about here in my house.
{Which, of course, is why I have the sassiest coasters around} 

That's about all I have to confess today girls :)
Hope ya'll have an amazing Monday!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I take back my comment about Power Hour being the best game to play before a night out.
You will be lucky if you even make it out after playing that game.. sheesh.
It is safe to say, that game put the hurt on me & I definitely paid for it today.
7, 11, or Doubles also didn't do me any favors... just saying.
However, I did enjoy the time I got to spend with my boyfriend & our friends.

scotty too hottyyy

He's so good at explaining the rules of the game.. and Kevin is just thrilled to be livin'

Things got a little intense during 7, 11, and doubles!
Brian threw doubles on Maegen about 8 times .. poor baby!

I got beat pretty bad too :(

We ended up heading to the bar after that last game ... we lasted about an hour and then called it a night!

Ladies, I am mentally preparing myself for tonight..
For the first time {since I was approximately 7 years old}.. I will be attending a rodeo.
I'm nervous - because I don't know what you wear to these damn things- but also excited because Scott will be with me!
I'm all about some cowboys is some tight jeans, but I don't want to see anyone get hurt!
Hopefully it won't be too bad & we'll have a damn good time! 

On that note, I'll leave you with these sexy cowboy images ;)

 King George

Have a good weekend girls!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey girls,
It's been a while since my last post, but I'm back in action!
I have FINALLY gotten a new computer charger [if you all recall, my precious dog ate my last one].
This post is going to be fairly long because I have so many random updates!

1. Two of my best-friends have gotten married in the past two months!  The bachelorette parties were nothing short of a good time, the weddings were beautiful, and the receptions were a BLAST! 
How precious are my bests on their big days?!

Caitlin got married April 30th.

And Kaley got married June 18th!

 2.  I have FINALLY made the outside of my house look like a home.  All it took was patio furniture, precious pillows, and flowers!

My dad bought me this gorgeous hybiscus-- I adore it!

I got my pillows from Walmart for $10 .. pretty good bargain!

3.  I will be starting clinicals in August if I get accepted into the program! Fingers crossed ladies, this 5th year senior is ready to graduate!

4.  I recently discovered that my obsession with ebay has become a problem.. & my bank account is suffering tremendously! :(
My latest obsession is make-up products.  These are my most recent purchases:
NARS blush in Super Orgasm

Lancome Definicils Mascara ... the most amazing mascara EVER!
I have the thinnest, shortest lashes, and these make them look full & super long!

BareMinerals in Medium Beige. 
I have been devoted to this product since this little lady, Nadine Haobsh, came and spoke to us at my sorority house!

She is absolutely AMAZING, & her book Beauty Confidential is a must read!

5.  I have always loved Jason Aldean because, of course, he's easy on the eyes.  However, I have absolutely fallen in love with his latest album, My Kinda Party.  My favorite tune at the moment is Country Boys World.
Go ahead, take a listen ladies.. because who doesn't want to fall in love with a country boy... or at least fantasize about it. ;)

6.  I gave my 2 weeks notice at my job today. :(
 I have worked as a CNA for the past year, and I recently decided it's time to get a job that's closer to home {I was driving 45min to and from work}.  I am excited to begin a new chapter, but will miss my work family dearly.

7.  If any of you want to add a little fun to your pregaming parties, I have just the game for you!  My girls and I discovered this little gem, Power Hour, at Spencers the other night! Talk about a hilarious & amazingly fun game! It was also 75% off, so we got it for $3... can't beat that!

8.  I have also become obsessed with the idea of redecorating and repainting the guestroom in my house.  I've decided I will attempt these two DIY projects for that room!
a.) The headboard out of shutters- how freaking cute?!

b.) I saw this mirror collection on, but it was $690.00.  This college girl is ballin' on a budget.. so I'm going to attempt to make it myself because it's precious!

Ok, I just realized that it's 3:00am! I got carried away with my blogging because I've missed it SOOO much! Hope you all have an amazing day today!