Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Tripp

Hey my friends, 
Today I'd like to share with ya'll a story that has touched my heart in more ways than you could ever imagine.
I came across baby Tripp's story on Facebook through some of my friends.
He is from Louisiana and was born with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa.  With this disease, any type of friction on his skin or mucous membranes causes blisters.  His mom, Courtney, keeps a blog called "EB"ing a Mommy.  Here is a poem that she wrote for her little man "I'll Need A Pinky-Swear".
That poem and  his story will break your heart, while uplifting you at the same time.  It's truly amazing and I think everyone should check out Courtney's blog and send your love, thoughts, and prayers their way.  He is definitely a precious little angel, & ya'll will absolutely fall in love.

Thinking of baby Tripp & lifting him up in my prayers tonight.


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