Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clap Bra, Wine Rack, & Alcohol Whipcream.. wait.. what?!

Oh yes, you read that title right, but before I begin with the interesting little gadgets, let me explain why and how I came across them. :)

 I think I jinxed myself when I packed these little gems to come with me to Fargo:

I have God awful allergies and once they hit me, I usually end up with a sinus infection.
Being that Fargo is about 3 months behind in their blooming/pollination, I had a feeling I'd end up getting sick.  As it turns out, I was right.  Yesterday, this little girl spent ALL DAY in bed.  Seriously. I woke up at 9am, got some coffee, got back in bed and didn't get up until 6pm.  It was awful, I was pitiful, and my whining was OOC.  Scott was extremely lucky I wasn't in Louisiana, otherwise he would have had to ta-ta me {slang term for babying me - for all you non-Louisianians}.  Might I add that the room I was staying in had no TV.. so when I wasn't sleeping, I just laid there.  It was hell.

Being that I slept all day, I spent the evening watching late night talk shows.  Kathie Lee and Hoda were on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and they introduced the world to these little jewels:

Ladies, I give you the Clap Bra and The Wine Rack.

The Clap Bra can be taken off by simply clapping your hands.
The Wine Rack - you fill with wine, place in the bra, put it on, and drink it.

These are hilarious!  And I got a really good laugh from the both of them.

I then {secretly} wished I would have had the Wine Rack when I attended LSU football games my freshman and sophomore year of college ;)
"Go ahead officer, check my purse. You won't find anything though because the goods are in my bra"

The clap bra would work well at a lingerie shower. 
"Does your fiance' struggle with your bra??  The Clap Bra is YOUR solution. Call within the next 5 minutes and we will send you an extra one for FREE."

Oh! And how could I forget the alcohol infused whipcream?!?
Yep, you read that right, whipcream that is spiked with a little alcohol.
They sell that in Louisiana, so maybe I have already tried it. The Vanilla is amazing, by the way.
However, they have all different flavors!
Talk about an amazing way to top off a Key Lime Pie or White Chocolate Martini.... mmmm, yumm!
If you haven't heard of it before, consider yourself informed.

Here is the clip from the show last night in case ya missed it.

Have a great rest of the weekend girls!

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