Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Next 2 Weeks..

Say a prayer! This little lady right here is spending the next two weeks in this:

That's right, I'm helping my dad move things from two of his funeral homes in Texas! The kicker to this trip is that our final destination is Fargo... As in, Fargo, North Dakota! The whole idea of this adventure is laughable 1.) I'm not a muscle woman that has mad skills moving things (for some reason dad thought I'd be "great help") 2.) The mental picture of me driving an old Uhaul...dangerous. Seriously, everyone in the nation should stay off the streets with me behind the wheel of this bus and 3.) The mileage that we have to cover is REDONKULOUS! however, it's two weeks with my Pops.. & that, my friends, is rare since he lives in the Dakotas & I in Louisiana! I'm geared up and ready to go girls! :)



  1. Oh my goodness, that is going to be one CRAZY trip!! That really is a lot of miles, but it will be SO fun!! I think road trips are the greatest things ever!!

    PS: Did I know that you live in Louisiana?? I can't remember! Where are you from?? I'm an LA girl, too!!

  2. have fun and be careful! tell your dad i said hi!