Friday, January 21, 2011

Insane Friday!

Hey my lady friends!
Leeeet me just tell you about how CraZy this day has been.
So last night I ended up being awake until 2:30am...
when I had class at 8am this morning!
My sleeping schedule is jacked up & obviously I've become an insomniac.
Knowing that I would be super sleepy, I set three alarms {6:10, 6:15, 6:20}.
Gotta be prepared right!?
Well... NOT ONE OF THEM WENT OFF!!!! Grrr..
So, I wake up at 7:53am.. mind you, I drive 30-35min to my college in Texas.
I was FREAKING out & I left my house at 7:57! 
Oh, & did I mention I only have this class once a week?
Therefore, we can only miss 1 day all semester! {this is only the 2nd class day of the semester}.
Thank goodness my professor is AMAZING & gave us his cell number in case of an emergency!
THIS was an "emergency"!!
I called, 
he told me to calm down, be safe, 
& not to worry about it because he won't penalize me for it!
{I swear I literally heard angels singing "hallelujah" in my head}
I made it to class at 8:30 ... whew!! 
I went 10 miles over the speed limit today, which is record for me.
I am so not a speeder; ask my friends - I'm the "grandma"

After class I had lunch at Casa Ole' with my momma & my step-dad!

I even had a few of these..
... shhh, don't tell anyone I cheated on my diet.
Those are strawberry ritas, by the way!

[Don't scroll down if you have a weak stomach..]
After lunch I got a call from my boyfriend, Blane.
He is having to go to the ER because he sliced his hand at work.
Holyshmoly! Typically this picture would disgust me
but since I've changed my major to nursing - this is nothing!
Took 8 stitches to sew that bad boy up!

Now, on to happier things!
Tonight I'm finally getting to see my nursing friends for the first time since winter-mini! :)
I cannot wait to visit, have some ritas & enjoy a good mexican meal for the 2nd time today!
Clearly, I never get tired of that amazing fiesta food! ;)
Hope you all have a fantastic night & a great weekend!

Oh, before I forget! 
Everyone should listen to Miranda Lambert's new song "Heart Like Mine"
I feel like this song was written for me! ;)


  1. Ew! I hope Blane is feeling better!!
    Have a good weekend :)

  2. Ok we are like the same person...I was about to put in a post that "Heart Like Mine" was pretty much written about me! Miranda Lambert says it so well :)

  3. Ahh, poor boyfriend!! I didn't know that you were in nursing school! I'm a nurse!! : ) We can swap stories!! Good luck!!

  4. ahhh most of my professors as a-holes so they prolly would have been like oh well, it's your fault that you slept thats awesome that he excused you!! I am totally the "grandma" tooo I have NEVER (knock on wood) gotten a speeding ticket because I hardly even go 5 over..haha and even when I go 5 over I'm constantly checking my rearview mirror for cops hahah

  5. I love love love Mexican food, margaritas, Miranda Lambert, and pretty much everything in this post. Glad to have found your blog!

    minus the bloody pic, even though my finger totally looked like that and I got stitches for it. I wanted to cut open a thai coconut. it was an epic fail. the asian butcher knife went straight for my finger. hah, anyway.

    did i mention i love your blog?

  7. I found your blog on 20sb. Love it! And I had to comment on this post because I feel the same way about 'Heart Like Mine'.