Monday, January 17, 2011

Time To Play Catch Up!

Wow, where did I disappear to this weekend!?  
The answer: a little place on the map called DeQuincy!  Complete blogging FAIL the past three days, my sincere apologies.
 I could bore you with the unamusing happenings of this weekend, but I won't! 
{To sum it up, I was lazy -with a touch of boring-... AKA: a granmawww (insert long southern drawl)}

One thing I did do this weekend, was start my running routine again!  I'm so excited and I couldn't possibly feel any better!  Ok, maybe I could {if I had a mango margarita from Chili's} - but you get the idea! ;)

Today, my friend Bridget & I went running.  We ran 2.1 miles! Not quite our 3 mile goal, but close.  We'll get there soon!  I can't wait to really pick up the pace and start training for the marathon I have in April.
This is me and Bridget at our tacky sweater party this year.  [Yes, that is a bird on her shirt that I am groping.]

Moving on...
 Tonight I finally get to see my roomie, catch up on The Bachelor, have some {cheap} wine & relax.  Unlike everyone else, I don't have school tomorrow - or any Tuesday for that matter.  Take that suckaaaas.

Oh and did I mention Brad Womack and I are getting married?!  This is the picture of him handing me the final rose-- but I won't bore you with our love story. {Totally kidding- I'm not a crazy, psycho - don't get the wrong impression. (:}

(Just a little FYI to all you bloggers--excuse my crazy antics, lame jokes and my weird obsessions with cheap wine, margaritas, bad reality shows & all things girly.)

If you want to see a hottie tonight - tune in to ABC for The Bachelor ;)


  1. OMWord I live for The Bachelor! Cannot wait!

  2. Good luck on your running! I love running!

  3. I've started my running routine too! You're very ambitious to do a full marathon! My goal is a bit smaller...just a 5k, but I'm not a very good runner in the first place.
    As a side note, I tagged you in my latest post so check it out!