Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tell It To Me Tuesdays!

Hey lil bits!

Today I am linking up with CMae for her first...
Basically you get to complain about whatever is bothering you & I LOVE that ;)
(especially after the day I'm having)

1st of all - let's talk about the Sciatic Nerve! I HATE MINE TODAY! 
I went running with the roomie & was literally crippled over from the pain.  
I'm a runner & the fact that it hurts so badly is really cramping my style leg..
I called mom crying I was in so much pain.
Call me a whiny baby, I don't care. This shiaaat huuuuurts!!! 
I can hardly walk, it hurts to sit & it KILLS me to run!
Mom says I probably have to have surgery if I want to keep running without it hurting. :(
Looks like I'll be catchin up with the Dr. tomorrow at 2:20 to see what I need to do to fix this!

Secondly, I cannot stand the fact that I still do not know who did THIS...

... to my fence!!! 
Whoever did it left their Honda emblem off the front of the car!
-You can see it in the bottom left hand corner of the picture-
Notice the vacant lot behind the fence, yes they had to drive ACROSS that lot to hit my fence!
Thank God we weren't home that day because that's where my roommate and I park!
Seriously people? Pay attention when you're driving! :)


On a happy note:
If you are a runner and haven't downloaded Girl Talk you can download it HERE.
I got the link from Sheryl -- if you haven't read her blog you should!
She is definitely an inspiration to those who want to eat healthier, lose weight, & just find happiness!
Love her!

Hope everyone has had a great day!

I need a margarita .. or two... maybe three -- at least until my doctor appointment!
Gotta ease the back pain somehow right?!


  1. What is a sciatic nerve? I could play google doctor lol but I figured I'd ask you!

  2. Ugh...totally stinks that you are hurting! I hope you are feeling better!! I can't believe that someone did that to your fence and you don't know who!! Yikes!!

    Oh and btw...this was my background not too long ago...I loved it!! We are twins! : )

  3. hey girl! thanks for your sweet comment... following you back!
    you make me miss college
    & I hope your leg gets better/hope you feel better
    x G

  4. Your blog is adorable. I love the name of it. I run too and I hate it when something is janky with my body, preventing me from going out for a jog. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hi, I'm new to your blog! It's adorable! I can't believe someone did that to your fence! I hope you figure it out and feel better soon!