Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey, hey, hey!
First of all, if you're new to my blog - WELCOME!
I'm so glad ya'll want to be my fraaand! ;)
Also, shout out to the girls that left me sweet comments yesterday on my Negative Nacy post!
I love you all :)

So, most of you know that I started Weight Watchers, and I'm happy to say:
I successfully completed DAY ONE of Weight Watchers yesterday!
So far, I'm loving it!
Since I have to track everything on my phone, it kind of makes me want to eat less.
I guess that's the point, it holds me accountable for all the shiaaat I eat. {which is what I need}
I'm on the fast track to bikini season [paha]!

Melisa Palooza {my momma} and I went walking this morning for the 2nd day in a row!
We've also been doing work on this thing:

It looks like a small thing, but this Ab Circle kicks my butt!
I love it! :)

I wish I could keep running, but due to my sciatic nerve being messed up, I have to settle for walking & working out other ways!  It's really depressing, considering how much I love to run!

The good news for today is,
mom gave me the idea to throw my friends Caitlin & Shane, my boyfriend's twin brother, an "Old Fashioned Pounding Party".
For those of you that have never heard of this, people throw these as a wedding shower.

Everyone comes and brings a pound of something, a recipe to go with it, and the utensils to make the meal/desserts/etc.

For example:
A pound of meat, a recipe for meatloaf, and a meatloaf pan.
A pound of sugar, a recipe for pie, and a pie plate.
A pound of spaghetti, a recipe, and a strainer.

It's going to be so much fun, and I can't wait!
I just ordered her invitations from Polka Dot Designs & they are presh! :)
{They even have a detachable recipe card on them}.

I feel like I'm bombarding my blog with party planning, but I'm LOVING it.
Totally up my alley!

And to the girlies who I will be sending gifts to for "Pass It Forward", e-mail me your mailing address at

Have a great day ladies!
Love yas!


  1. I want that ab machine so bad! Now a follower!


  2. I thought your ab circle was a patio barbecue. Ha ha.

    I like the idea of a pounders party. It sounds fun and reminds me of the time as a teen that my mom suggested we throw a hobo party. Everyone came with a can of something (vegetable, beans, whatever) for hobo stew (like "stone soup"). Basically, my mom pulled out a big pot and we dumped everything in and then she seasoned it with whatever it seemed to need. It was fun and tasted good.