Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slippery Snow

Hey girlies!
I know I've been M.I.A for a few days! I don't really know why either..
considering I've had so much time on my hands due to school cancellations.
If you aren't from the south, you should move here.
There was a *chance* of ice on Thursday & Friday so all colleges & schools in the area SHUT DOWN.
We don't know how to handle this cold business here in Louisiana.

Case and point:
My boyfriend Blane in the ER last night for falling on icy stairs at his sister's house.
Ya'll, I don't want to laugh but me and Erika had to last night.
We both have an issue when people fall down- how can you NOT laugh at that?

Erika & I were relaxing at the house, she just had a procedure done yesterday and wanted to drink for the pain - because that's how we roll. ;)
The guys offered to go get drinks & pizza then come back so we could watch the movie Twelve.
The guys had just gotten back from town with our "Where's My Pants" daiquiris and grub. 
{yes, that is the name of the drink}
We all ventured outside on Erika's deck to see the snow.  
Everyone was so excited because it DOES NOT snow here in Louisiana.
Next thing we know, my sweetheart goes FLYING down the deck stairs.
Literally, he slipped on the ice, flew in the air a good two feet, then landed back down on his ribs.
After the fall he proceeded to do a front roll down the rest of the stairs.
He then laid motionless in the icy, wet ground for a good 10 minutes!
Our laughter turned to panic when he couldn't breathe.
We thought for sure he had broken a rib {or 2}.

He caught his breath and we rushed him to the hospital.
After X-rays, shots & multiple examinations, they determined he'd just bruised his ribs & his elbow.
[Needless to say, when we got home, he no longer wanted his XLG Hurricane]
He passed smooth out, sha baby!

The rest of us watched Twelve.

As twisted & crazy as it was, I kind of liked it.
It's one of those that once you start watching you have to finish because you HAVE to know the ending.
And who doesn't like looking at Chace Crawford for two hours straight? ... juuuust saying!
I don't know if I would reccommend it as a "must see" - but if you want something out of the ordinary, this is it {for sure}.


In other news, I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am for Valentine's Day.
My excitement is only through the roof because Blane & I have an agreement this year.
Instead of giving one another gifts, we are cooking my our most favorite meal.....
{drum roll please}

You're thinking {WTF?!} right?!
Since I was little, this meal has been my favorite.
It consists of homemade dressing, baked turkey, green beans & cheese, squash & cheese, green bean casserole, cream cheese corn, watergate salad, fresh rolls & homemade mashed potatoes!
{No we won't be making ALL of this, but most of it}
Ya'll I'm just so excited! I could do a happy dance around this living room right now!!!!

We're finishing off the meal with (my favorite):
Chocolate Covered Strawberries! AH!!!

Romantic movies are also on the Valentine's To-Do list.
Thank God I have a boyfriend who doesn't mind my choice in movies -sometimes-. ;)

My choices include:
1.) My Best-Friend's Wedding
My most favorite movie  of ALL time.  Nothing like love & heartache all in one.
2.) Sleepless In Seattle
Totally captures how a great love can bring two strangers together. Ahhh.
3.) You've Got Mail
Seriously, do I need to explain why I LOVEEEEEEE this movie. {It makes me want to own a bookstore}.
4.) Hope Floats
How sweet are Sandra & Harry in this movie? 
The part where she's crying on the floor in the bathroom to her mom steals my heart.
5.) Notting Hill
Blane would kill me for writing this, but this is actually one of HIS favorite movies. {he's so cute}. :)

Ok, time for lunch with my lovebug! :)
Hope you all have a fabulous and SAFE weekend. 


  1. Glad your boyfriend is okay! I LOVE THE THANKSGIVING DINNER idea!!! I think it's great!! Love all those romantic movies too!!! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Awe, poor guy! Hope he is feeling better sooon! Dern snow and ICE is outta control this year!

  3. goodness gracious! glad he is okay! love your movie choices for vday!! xoxo

  4. I vote for You've Got Mail. My ALL TIME favorite movie and puts the biggest smile on my face! I can watch it on repeat!