Monday, February 7, 2011

Study or Blog?!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1.  I'm STRESSING majorly about my Anatomy & Physiology test that I have at 7pm tonight.  I have to know all things about the heart. Booooring.
{obviously not stressing too bad considering I'm blogging}

2.  How many people saw Christina butcher the national anthem last night?  I was embarrassed for her.  She should've practiced, maybe? Considering that is a HUGE event to be performing at.
In case you missed it, here ya go!

3.  I'm saddened that my blanket Blane made me for our one year anniversary {4 years ago} got messed up. 
I cried and was heartbroken for about 20 minutes - thankfully it can be fixed! 
So, no worries!!! :)

4.  Valentine's day {AKA: best-day-ever-because-i'm-having-thanksgiving-dinner-day} is one week from today.  Unfortunately, I have another Anatomy test that day.  Therefore, my thanksgiving feast will take place this weekend with my hunny! 

5. Today is national "Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor" day .. haha.  Have fun trying that one out if you'd like. ;)

6.  If Ace is no longer my puppy tomorrow - it's because I shipped him to Kalamazoo!!!! He just chewed my computer charger into THREE different pieces while I was getting dressed for class.  Let's hope my "mr-fix-it" boyfriend can fix this mess!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC rest of the day! 
My afternoon will consist of studying and test taking, while longing to be at home with some wine in hand & The Bachelor on the TV.... sigh...


  1. I felt bad for Christina too! But you're right, she should have prepared more! Good Luck on your test!!!

  2. good luc! I am doing A&P homework as I read the blogs lol.

  3. Oh girl, I just got all my test back from my A&P test! Ugh lets just say I should probably take a break from the blogging world, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

  4. uhmmm my dog has chewed three, I repeat THREE apple computer chargers DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THESE THINGS COST? let me just tell you they are a pretty penny lol! The first one he chewed through I went and got another the next day from the apple store, well guess what he chewed through that one too! So then I decided to get one off ebay..that one lasted a bit longer but it blew a fuse in my computer because the voltage was too low or something idk. SO I finally went back and got one from the apple store again but now the the fuse is blown it constantly comes uncharged grrrrr. haha So I feel your pain girl!

  5. I love your blog, Macy. I completely agree with you about Christina! How embarrassing for her though.