Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Watchers -- ohhh yeah!

Hey Girls!
I wanted to start by saying thanks to Courtney, Hailey, & Sarah for joining "Pass It Forward"!!
I will have your gifts in the mail by the end of this week/beginning of next! :)
So excited ya'll decided to participate!


If you're new to my blog, I've decided to do this 30 days/30 answers thing! And today is Day 3!

Day 3: Your Views On Drugs & Alcohol 
Drugs- never have, never will try them.  I don't do them & none of my friends do.  If you do, that's your life, your choice.  As far as alcohol, we're friends... pretty decent friends actually.  I love me some margaritas, wine, & "Where's My Pants" Daiquiri {yes, that is the name of the drink}.

In other news, I started Weight Watchers today.  I'm really excited about it because my weight has gotten out of control.  My whole life I've been tiny.  In high school, I weighed 104  & all through college I maintained my weight of 125.  Now, I've reached 150 - which is my "rock bottom".  Don't get me wrong, 150 isn't big -- but for someone who's been skinny their whole life, I feel big.
I don't fit in ANY of my clothes anymore, I feel disgusting & have just had enough.  
I decided today that if I don't do this now, I don't know when I would.
I try not to have debby-downer posts because I don't want everyone to dread reading my posts, but today I've just come to the realization that I'm unhappy in my body, and I'm the only one who can fix it.  So by God, I'M DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! ;)

Enough negativity for the day,
Let me just tell ya'll that I am over-the-moon EXCITED about the SURPRISE birthday party I'm throwing for my mom this year! {Abby, if you're reading this, tell your mom I need her address}. :)

I've mentioned before that mom was put in ICU last year, and it just so happened to fall on her birthday.
We really thought we were going to lose her ya'll, she was not doing well at all.
Thankfully, she came out alive so we're celebrating BIG TIME about the fact that God let us keep her another year! What a blesssing!
I honestly can't believe it's been a year since her sickness!
I ordered her cake - it will look like this:
The only difference is, it will be two layers & the bow will be on the top.
The top layer will be lime cake with a tequila syrup & the bottom will be all wedding cake flavor. :)

Her invitations are also ordered!
The front has a blender spilled over with two margarita glasses, some limes, and a bottle of tequila.  It says: "A lot of margaritas, a little salt and lime - this surprise birthday party is a guaranteed good time"
The back is a green background that says: "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila.. FLOOR, I can't wait to see Melisa's face when she walks through the door!"
Then it gives all the info, etc.
All of her friends from Texas have decided to come down to LA for it, so she's going to DIE!  She will be so surprised!! :)
Can't wait! 

Well, I have to go to class... yayy for Anatomy 2! ;)
Hope you all have a great afternoon!
Love yas!


  1. yay!! super excited about pass it forward!!! and that cake is so cute..glad your mom is doing better, we had a scare like that with my mom a couple years back so I know how it is! Let me know how you like weight watchers..i've been thinking about doing it, especially after seeing jennifer hudson at the grammy's her body is banging after weight watchers!..I'm like you I have been skinny my whole life and now somehow(ha) I have gained more than I bargained for!

  2. good luck with weight watchers! and good for you for being so proactive :)
    your Mom will be so excited! how fun I love surprise parties & cute cake too!

  3. I'm excited for you to start Weight Watchers. Are you going to do the meetings or just on your own?

  4. So excited for pass it forward!! I feel goofy that I don't know how to inbox you?! Let me know how so I can get my address to you:)

  5. I just started Weight Watchers too, we can share tips! Yay for your mom's party! Love the cake! Glad to hear that she is feeling better!

  6. i've done weight watchers for years. i believe it's hands down the best way to lose weight. :) for the past five years i've been able to maintain give or take 5-10 lbs.

    good luck. and if you need any tips don't hesitate to ask.

  7. I love that cake! And I have heard good things about weight watchers so I am sure that you will do just fine!