Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 I can't even begin to tell ya'll how EXCITED I am!!!!!
I've mentioned before that my sciatic nerve is pinched, and that I haven't been able to run because it hurt me so badly.
Well guess what?!!?!
Today, I ran for the first time in over a month.
I love to run.
It's one of my only true passions in life.
Ya'll, I can't describe the high it gives me.  It's like nothing in this world.
Call me crazy, but it's true!

When I'm stressed, it calms me down.
When I'm upset, it clears my head.
Lately, I've been stressed and upset [more on that later]  -- so I decided tonight to give it a "go".
I started off slow, paced myself, and slowly gained speed!
I actually completed a whole mile without the slightest pain!!!
I thought about going longer, but I didn't want to push it!
Normally, I take pride in how I look. 
 I never post hideous-o pics but tonight, I don't give a DAMN!
So here I am, red face, bad hair and all - and I'm loving every second of it!! :)
{I get that I look disgusting, but let's forget that fact -- just for tonight, shall we?} ;)

Now you all know what I look like when I look like badonkadonk. :)

In other news!
My 30 day-30 questions challenge went down the drain.... obviously.
My sincere apologies! LOL
I.Am.Such.A.Bad.Blogger.Challenger. :)
With that being said, Michelle Leigh, over at Mambo Gook tagged me in a handwriting post, which I will get to as soon as I have my scanner back!
My handwriting is crap, so everyone prepare yourselves... It could get really ugly!

I'm about to sketch off, drink wine, & watch American Idol, but before I do let me just say this:
One year ago today, my momma bear {Melisa Palooza.. don't ask why I call her palooza - I just do} was hit with the H1N1.  She ended up being in ICU for a month & it was hell! However, I've gotta tell ya- what a difference a year makes!  We had lunch today & I couldn't help but wonder what I would have done without her this past year!  God is GREAT & I am so blessed he let us keep her another year! 
On that note,
I CANNOT wait for her BLOWOUT surprise party March 11th! 
[she was still in ICU last year on her b-day, so we are doing it B-I-G, you hear me?!?!]
What, Whaaaatttt!?! ;)
Can't wait! Ya'll be ready because the pics from that partaay might get a little crazaay! haha
I sent out the invites today so I'm getting super anxious!
I just hope noone blows the surprise for her......that would suck!

Anyways, I'm rambling!
Hope you all have a GREAAAAT night!
Love yas!


  1. you look good macy kate:) and i cannot believe it's been a year! God is good :)

  2. i'm a new reader and love to run too. glad to read that you're feeling better and was able to log some miles!

  3. Oh I envy you! I so desperately want to be a runner! I enjoy runing... it's the getting my butt off the couch that's hard the part. What's your secret??