Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Versatile Blogger Awards + some Bachelor!

Hey lady friends!

I'm so exciiiiiited! 
I got my very first blogger award! :)
A big thanks to Sarah at Belle In The City for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Upon receiving this award, you have to list 7 things about yourself & then tag 15 other girls!
Since I'm pretty new to the blog world, I don't know if I can tag 15 - we'll see though!

1.  I have an addiction to Popeyes drive-thru.  
The first step in healing is admitting you have a problem right? 
THIS is a problem.  
If there was a rehab for loving Popeyes so much, I would be in it.

2.  I love, love, love movies & I'm freakishly good at quoting them.
My boyfriend's brother-in-law says he feels sorry for me because my life is "one big movie quote."

3.  I am extremely indecisive. 
Seriously, it's an act of congress for me to pick something as simple as dinner plans.
Don't even get me started on picking out what to wear...

4.   I suck at small talk. 
I'm extremely awkward when it comes to that.
If I'm not silent, I ramble about stupid, random crap. Just tell me to shut up.

5.  I love surprises & surprising people with things I know they'll love.
I hate it when people spoil surprises for me.
[my mother is the world's worst at telling me my gifts before giving them to me]

6.  As much as I love romance, I'm scared to get married.
Not because of the commitment, but because it's something I don't want to fail at.

7.  I hate routines & I get restless when my life becomes predictable.
Roadtrips keep me sane & the thought of moving to a foreign country excites me.
Fingers crossed for that actually happening one day. ;) A girl can dream, right?

I couldn't come up with 15, but here's 9:
{if I think of more I'll add them}
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I also have a few other random ramblings that I feel the need to talk about!

I think I've said before that I have night class on Monday nights, so I have to miss my beloved show, The Bachelor. 
That means, I have to play catch up on Tuesdays.
As I was watching it today, I couldn't help but laugh when Shawntel started describing her profession. 

I found it funny because my parents are in the same profession.
My entire life I have gotten the blank stares, dumbfounded looks and random questions when I tell  people my parents are morticians.
{much like the look Brad was giving Shawntel}
Don't even get me started on the looks I get when people find out I lived in an apartment above my parent's funeral home until I turned 5.

Everyone says there are no dumb questions in life [I beg to differ].
These are some questions/comments I've gotten through the years:

1. Do they ever wake up while your parent's are embalming them?
Yes they have "false alarm deaths" all the time?

2. Do ya'll stuff the bodies with styrofoam?
Seriously?? No, they are not taxidermists. 

3. Have you ever seen a dead body?
What do you think. Honestly? I'm 21 & have been around it my whole life.

4. Do you ever just go up there and play in the caskets?
 That's really creepy. No.

5. Wow. Your family must be really weird huh?
Probably not as weird as yours.

Shawntel is not my frontrunner, but I do think she's precious!

I then bawled my eyes out when Emily went to the Nascar track on the group date.
Especially when she hit us with this, “The first few laps were for Ricky. And the last lap was for me. And I’m just really ready to move on and find love again.” 
{que Macy's meltdown here}
She and Brad just need to give up the charade and get married already.
As much as I love her, I don't think they'll end up engaged.
Hate to say it, but the commercials make me believe that she chooses to leave, or he doesn't pick her. 
{Tear... I know}

Lastly, I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
Michelle is a CRAZY bitch.
She needs to go home ASAP.
Shame on Brad for keeping her around.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me, he's pulling a Jake Pavelka & is thinking with the rush of emotion in his pants, as opposed to his heart.  [juuuust sayinnn]
Let's hope he doesn't disappoint us by picking the slut.

Hope everyone has a happy TUESDAY! :)


  1. Shawntel cracks me up because she is the daughter of one of my college professors (I went to CSU, Chico where she is from). So random! Emily is my absolute favorite but I don't think Brad will pick her. Personally, I think he's kind of a douche and she deserves better haha!

  2. I'm a new follower! I'm so glad to have found your blog! I received the award from Belle in the City today too, Congrats!! :)


  3. Michelle IS a skank! She needs to go...why can't he see that?! Der!! I LOVE Emily. I really want her to win, but I'm skeptical. How can someone NOT want her to win...she's sweet as can be and gorgeous to boot!
    Thanks for the pep talk over on my blog :) I know the boys will be great! They will be!! Appreciate the love!
    Have a great week---

  4. Awww, congrats on your first blog award!! Thanks so much for passing it on to me!! : ) You are so sweet!

    I haven't been watching the Bachelor this season. I have them all recorded, but I just haven't taken the time to start watching. Now I'm so behind, I don't know if I'll ever watch them! Oh, and I absolutely love Popeye's, too! Their biscuits are amazing!

  5. Congrats girl on the first blog award!! Omg I LOVE the bachelor and I also teared up with poor Emily!! What a heart of gold that woman has to go through all of that on NATIONAL tv right?! Ps I LOVE your blog! Such a great layout!!

  6. Congrats girl! Thank you so much for passing it on to me! You are too sweet!! I love reading your blog everyday!

  7. Love this post! I couldn't agree with you more.